Lynn began her career as a hair-stylist at age 15, advanced into salon management at age 21, and on to salon ownership by age 26. She presently co-owns and manages The Beehive Salon with Pamela, where Lynn continues her education in the interest of better educating her co-workers and clientele. Lynn’s personal charm and conscientious etiquette add an intimate aspect to her hairdressing, and she enjoys modifying her own personal look frequently to engage and motivate clients and peers to make changes in themselves.

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Pamela began her career as a hair-stylist at the age of 20. She presently co-owns and manages The Beehive Salon where a solid partnership with Lynn has brought her to a level of hairdressing no young stylist can compare. Pamela’s inquisitive nature gives her the gift of listening while digging deeper with detailed questions to understand her clients needs to achieve the hair goals that have been set. Pamela’s level of commitment to herself and clients image will inspire each and every client to always look their best.

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Betsy Beehive

Becoming a personal client of The Beehive Salon

Lynn and Pamela request a few things of their clients that visit their salon and Team:

Receive 2 or more hair services each visit to the salon, trust their recommendations their ultimate goal is to give you the hair you desire.

Pre-book your next visit to ensure you are able to maintain the hair you desire.

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