April 29, 2019

Brooke Simon

Brooke Simon was diagnosed May of 2017, her youngest son Beaux was born December 2016.

Brooke was experiencing numbness around her midsection, doctors’ visits, tests and more tests including an MRI along with a spinal tap gave her the diagnosis of MS. Brooke soon lost the ability to walk, hold her 6 month old son, care for her 9 year old son Hunter and be a wife to her husband Jeremiah. Doctors stated that Brooke had been living with MS for at least 10 years the symptoms were just not strong enough for anyone to diagnose correctly.

Brooke did not give up hope nor did her husband. Jeremiah helped to walk daily to improve her strength until she was able to do it on her own in July of 2017. Taking different medications and steroids has helped her to regain muscle control and strength. Brook went to a local gym for strength training and balance training. She learned about the Bike MS 150 ride benefiting the Local and National MS society.

She entered and started team #unstoppable. Her teammate Valerie started training neither of them never riding more than neighborhood rides with kids.

One weekend Brooke was riding around her area alone when she came across team Beehive members Chris, Mike (who has MS) and Cindra (Mike’s wife). Chris asked her to join them on their ride.

Team Beehive welcomed Brooke and Valerie with open arms, training together for we all have one goal to end MS!

Brooke and Valerie still kept the team #upstoppable for it was completely personal, Brook needed to cross the finish line and complete 150 miles under her name. Valerie also needed to ride by her friend and complete this huge accomplishment of 150 miles on a bicycle.

We all cheered her on and she did complete 150 miles Oct 7th & 8th 2018 riding with her orange tutu. Valerie also completed the 150 miles!

Brooke and Valerie will ride with team Beehive this year yet we will always honor the #unstoppable name!

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