April 29, 2019

Lynn Johnson

Hi I am Lynn Johnson Team Captain of Team Beehive (aka Queen Bee according to my teammates) …. So how did I get started in all of this???

In 2002 I purchased a salon from Dana Rodgers and her business partner Judy Packer. Dana told me that she had MS and that is why they were selling the salon. We fundraised for MS kind of half-heartedly not understanding truly what MS was and is.  When my mom met Dana she later then asked me what was wrong with Dana that she was so young and had a walker. I explained to my mom that Dana had MS. To that my mom replied “oh that is what your Aunt Ruth had.”
My Aunt Ruth was an amazing lady, for as long as I can remember she was in a wheel chair. As kids we used to push her around and just enjoy our visits with her and our cousins. Aunt Ruth lived into her 80’s.

With that knowledge of a family member having MS and watching Dana slowly decline I wanted to do more….. In 2013 while chatting with a client I learned about the MS 150 ride. At that time I had not been on a bike in 11 years. I gave birth to our daughter in 2002 from then on I just rode leisurely 2-3 miles in the neighborhood.  I road 28 miles 2-3 times a week before our daughter was born. I did not own a bike that was worthy of long distance rides…..What was I doing? I registered for the 2014 bike Ms…..

November of 2013 my husband’s Aunt came to the rescue with a vintage exercise bike. I got on it and did not last a mile, yet I keep pedaling and when I could do 10 miles I bought a road bike. I completed the 150 miles in Oct of 2014……

So why do I continue to ride….

On my bike, my body is screaming at me, my feet are numb, my legs hurt and I am sweating, yes I am sweating. I sometimes doubt that I can do 150 miles. Why did I sign up for Bike MS 150? Am I crazy? I am 51 years old and not in the best shape. What is the matter with me??? Those are questions that run thru my brain as I am struggling to finish 33 or 40 miles and I think oh my goodness I have 150 miles to do! I am a hairdresser! It is my passion and my pleasure to create. What am I doing riding this bike???

The only thoughts that pushes me through is My Aunt Ruth, Dana, Mike, Brook and so many others that battle MS daily.

As you know I met Dana in 2002; we worked together for 12 1/2 years.  I have watched Dana struggle to come to work and perform as a hairdresser all these years. Dana had several setbacks such as breaking her shoulder, being in a car wreck which broke her back and Multiple Sclerosis is taking over her body.

Dana loved her job so much she worked one day a week on her clients from her wheel chair. “I love my job, I love the fact that I create an image on a person that they wear proudly daily. It is therapy to come to work and do hair.” Dana tells me this as we are talking about her retirement. Dana retired January 2014 due to the progression of the MS.

So why do I ride??? I Ride for Aunt Ruth & Dana..

Where does the Beehive fit into all of this? The Beehive is a hairstyle create in the early 60’s. My business partner and I named the Salon after that hairstyle. The Beehive is very neat and organized on the outside yet if you looked inside of the hairstyle it is a teased hot mess and no one is sure what is going on. If you look at an actual Beehive you will see some similarities. The outside is nice and formed you will see the worker bees coming and going. Yet on the inside it can be a hot mess and no one is sure of what is going on. Bees are everywhere doing all kind of things. My business partner Pam decided that suited us and our personalities. Pam is always neat, organized, and smooth looks great on the outside. Me on the other hand I am all over the place and a hot mess, you never know what is going on inside my head.

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Lynn (queen bee)

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