April 29, 2019

Robert Parker

January 8, 2014, I received a call that would change my life in many ways. After months of various tests and MRI’s the diagnosis was revealed. Multiple Sclerosis. What? Why?? This can’t be right…then came tears, lots of them. Not for me, but for my children, my wife, my family. Then came the questions, the worry, fears, career, future, etc. I am changed but for the better! More driven, positive, loving, passionate and completely living to the fullest. I have the best and most supportive, wonderful, loving wife, children, family and friends! A great neurologist and an awesome treatment! I’m happy to say that it’s working! No new or active lesions for the past 3 years. I share this news because everyone goes through their own challenges. But you’re given that challenge because you’re strong enough to make it through!

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